• Blister Packaging Machine DPP260K2
    Blister Packaging Machine DPP260K2

    With platen sealing type, fast format changeover and straightforward operation, it is flexible, productive, universal for all applications and packaging of tablets, capsules, ampoules, etc.

  • Blister Packaging Machine DPP260H3
    Blister Packaging Machine DPP260H3

    Adds one tropical alu forming station and a second sealing station to allow the alu/pvc package to be sealed with formed tropical alu again, for further strengthen the sealing effects

  • Blister Packaging Machine DPP260L
    Blister Packaging Machine DPP260L

    This Blister Packaging Machine's performance are similar with DPP-260 series. It has larger cavity size, especially suitable for comparatively big items e.g. syringes, vials, large pills, food etc.

  • DPP260K-ZH180 Blister-Cartoner Line
    DPP260K-ZH180 Blister-Cartoner Line

    This Blister-Cartoner Line is combined with Platen Sealing Blister Machine DPP260K and Continuous Motion Cartoner ZH180.

  • DPP260Ki-ZH120 Blister-Cartoner Line
    DPP260Ki-ZH120 Blister-Cartoner Line

    This Blister-Cartoner Line is combined with the Blister Machine DPP260K and Cartoner ZH120. Adopts transfer belt to connect the Blister Machine and Cartoner.

  • Cartoner ZH120
    Cartoner ZH120

    Intermittent motion horizontal cartoning machine, very compact and reliable. The working area is in cantilever construction. Separation of drive and operating zones are in compliance with pharmaceutical GMP requirements.

  • Cartoning Machine ZH300
    Cartoning Machine ZH300

    ZH300 is the fastest Continuous Motion Cartoning Machine in Jornen, it is suitable for pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, hardware and electrical industries for for mass production.

  • DPH260-ZH300 Blister-Cartoner Line
    DPH260-ZH300 Blister-Cartoner Line

    This Blister-Cartoner Line is combined with Rotary Sealing Blister Machine DPH260 and continuous motion Cartoner ZH300.

  • Cartoning Machine ZH220
    Cartoning Machine ZH220

    ZH220 is continuous motion Cartoning Machine. Suitable for packaging of blisters, bottles, vials, pillow packs etc. The machine running stable and easy changeover for different size of cartons.

  • CGN280 Capsule Filling Machine
    CGN280 Capsule Filling Machine

    The semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine, suitable for medium and small batch production.

  • NJP2200/3200/6600 Capsule Filling  Machine
    NJP2200/3200/6600 Capsule Filling Machine

    This series of Capsule filling machines is the best choice for mass production. It is suitable for powder, pellets, granules, herbs, vitamins, etc.

  • DPH190-ZH180 Blister-Cartoner Line
    DPH190-ZH180 Blister-Cartoner Line

    This Blister-Cartoner Line is combined with Rotary Sealing Blister Machine DPH190 and Continuous Motion Cartoner ZH 180. The lines Max. output reach 180cartons/min.

  • NJP500/800/1200 Capsule Filling Machine
    NJP500/800/1200 Capsule Filling Machine

    This series of Capsule Filling Machines can complete the actions of position, separation, filling and locking of capsules automatically

  • Cartoner ZH60
    Cartoner ZH60

    ZH60 Cartonign Machine is an intermittent motion cartoner, suitable for bigger objects such as biscuit, steak, big bottle etc.

  • Cartoner ZH90A
    Cartoner ZH90A

    The characteristics of Cartoner ZH90A: ZH90 is an intermittent motion Cartoner. It has a small body, suitable for small batch production. It can connect with the Blister Machine to form a Packaging Line. See our products in pharmaceutical c

  • Plastic-cardboard Blister Machine DPP500 (for batteries)
    Plastic-cardboard Blister Machine DPP500 (for batteries)

    This Plastic-cardboard Blister Machine is suitable for battery or similar items for Paper/Plastic packaging .

  • DPP260K-ZH90 Blister-Cartoner Line
    DPP260K-ZH90 Blister-Cartoner Line

    This Blister-Cartoner Line is combined with model Blister Machine DPP-260K and Cartoner ZH-90. It is suitable for the packaging of small and medium-sized batches.

  • Film Coating Machine
    Film Coating Machine

    The Film Coating Machine can be used for coating various tablets, pills and sweets with organic film, water-soluble film and sugar film, etc.

  • Poreless Film Coating Machine
    Poreless Film Coating Machine

    The Poreless Film Coating Machine suitable for applying coating to tablets, microtablets, pellets, microgranules, with sugar, organic film and water soluble film.

  • Stretch-Banding Machine
    Stretch-Banding Machine

    The stretch-banding machines can place together or stack cartons(or similar shaped object) to form larger units. These are then tightly wrapped in plastic film.

  • Overwrapper

    The Overwrapper takes over cartons(or similar shaped object), places them together or stacks them in bundles, and tightly wraps them in film with excess material at either end.

  • Case Packers
    Case Packers

    Case packers pack cartons or batch packed cartons into cardboard cases ready for dispatch. Erection of the blank cardboards, filling of the cases, sealing of the top and bottom flaps can complete automatically.

  • DSL160 Strip Packing Machine
    DSL160 Strip Packing Machine

    This Strip Packing Machine's Feeding, sealing, slitting and cutting are done automatically. reducing labor coasts and therefore, reducing production costs.

  • NSL260 Strip Packing Machine
    NSL260 Strip Packing Machine

    The NSL260 is a high speed Strip Packing Machine and has been designed to pack capsules, tablets or similar products.

  • Pillow Packing Machines
    Pillow Packing Machines

    The Pillow Packing Machines wrap many types of commodities including blister sheets, facial paper, soaps, biscuits, candies, chewing gum and instant noodles, etc.

  • GZP Series Tablet Press Machines
    GZP Series Tablet Press Machines

    This series of Tablet Press Machines can automatically check, analyze and adjust the pressure to control powder filling depth during tablet production.

  • GZPS Series Tablet Press Machines
    GZPS Series Tablet Press Machines

    This series of Tablet Press Machines can automatically monitor the progress of punch and die and powder supply, which greatly reduce production costs and increase quality.

  • NF60A Tube Filling Machine
    NF60A Tube Filling Machine

    This Tube Filling Machine can automatically completes the actions of filling, sealing, coding, trimming and discharging tubes.

  • NF60Z Tube Filling Machine
    NF60Z Tube Filling Machine

    This Tube Filling Machines provides high filling accuracy (±1%) for an extensive range of products, regardless of viscosity.

  • NF80A Tube Filling Machine
    NF80A Tube Filling Machine

    This machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, household chemical and cosmetic, etc., industries.The maximum output reaching 80tube/minute