Blister Machine for pharmaceuticals

The characteristics of Blister Packaging Machine DPP260H3:
This Blister Packaging Machine adds one tropical alu forming station and a second sealing station to allow the plastic thermoforming blister package to be sealed with formed tropical alu again. The shrinkage of packaging material is minimized to ensure the synchronization of blister pocket by means of double servo-regulated drag system. It can strengthen the sealing effects and protect the medicine from light. (This machine also can package both alu/pvc and alu/alu) The machine can equip a product inspection and rejection system, and also can connect with the Cartoner to form an Automatic Pharmaceutical Packaging Line. 
Main Technical Parameters:
Max. Speed:                      alu/pvc/alu 45 punches/min. alu/pvc 60 punches/min.
Max. Output:                     180 blisters/min. (alu/pvc/alu blister size 57×80mm)
Max. Forming Area:             245×140mm
Max Forming Depth:            12mm
Material:                            Max. width 260mm
Machine Power:                  9.6kw
Machine Dimension:             5000×720×1750mm
Machine Weight:                 2200kg
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