Blister Machine for pharmaceuticals

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Blister Packing Machines at a glance:
Blister Machine
Max. output
DPP80 Designed for laboratory use 27 Platen 12mm
DPP150K-2 For small batch production 100 Platen 12mm
DPP260Ki-1 Flexible, suitable for tablets, capsules, ampoules 240 Platen 12mm
DPP260Ki-2 Extremely straightforward format changeover 240 Platen 12mm
DPP260L Larger cavity size suitable for vials, ampoules 160 Platen 30mm
DPP260H3 Packaging of alu/pvc/alu. 180 Platen 12mm
BMP270 Balcony construction, for mass production 300-400 Platen 12mm
DPH260 Balcony construction, for mass production 400-600 Rotary 12mm


  • Blister Machine DPH260 (alu-alu)
    Blister Machine DPH260 (alu-alu)

    DPH260 Blister Machine for packaging of alu-alu. and alu-pvc. Adopts platen forming, rotary sealing. It is a innovative and efficient.

  • Blister Machine DPH260 (pvc-alu)
    Blister Machine DPH260 (pvc-alu)

    DPH260 Blister Machine Currently the fastest Blister Machine in China; It is the culmination of 30 years professional experience. Suitable for mass production.

  • Blister Machine BMP270
    Blister Machine BMP270

    Latest, extremely straightforward format changeover, balcony construction, flexible, suitable for tablets, capsules, ampoules, for mass production.

  • Blister Machine DPP260Ki-2
    Blister Machine DPP260Ki-2

    The second generation of DPP260Ki-1, equipped with automatic format locking, positioning system, achieves extremely straightforward format changeover.

  • Blister Packing Machine DPP150K-2
    Blister Packing Machine DPP150K-2

    This Blister Packing Machine is small, lightweight and easy to operate, suitable for capsules, tablets and Pills etc. for small batches production.

  • Blister Machine DPP260Ki-1
    Blister Machine DPP260Ki-1

    Blister Machine DPP260Ki-1 is a deluxe edition of DPP260K2. With platen sealing type, it is flexible, productive, it is universal for practically all applications and packaging of tablets, capsules, ampoules, syringes etc.

  • Blister Packaging Machine DPP260K2
    Blister Packaging Machine DPP260K2

    With platen sealing type, fast format changeover and straightforward operation, it is flexible, productive, universal for all applications and packaging of tablets, capsules, ampoules, etc.

  • Blister Packaging Machine DPP260H3
    Blister Packaging Machine DPP260H3

    Adds one tropical alu forming station and a second sealing station to allow the alu/pvc package to be sealed with formed tropical alu again, for further strengthen the sealing effects

  • Blister Packaging Machine DPP260L
    Blister Packaging Machine DPP260L

    This Blister Packaging Machine's performance are similar with DPP-260 series. It has larger cavity size, especially suitable for comparatively big items e.g. syringes, vials, large pills, food etc.

  • Blister Machine DPP80
    Blister Machine DPP80

    Our smallest Blister Packing Machine; It is designed for laboratory for the blister packaging of capsules, tablets (irregular tablets) and pills, etc.

  • Tube Blister Feeder
    Tube Blister Feeder

    This Blister Tube Feeder improves the performance of your blister packaging production. It is suitable both for intermittent or continuous motion blister packaging machine

  • Chute alu-alu Blister Feeder
    Chute alu-alu Blister Feeder

    The Chute alu-alu blister feeder consists of a hopper, vibratory conveyor, three grooved plates and a rotary brush made of rubber blades to mix the tablets.

  • Format Parts Trolly
    Format Parts Trolly

    The format parts trolly eases the handling of format parts and tools,improve your changeover time of Blister Machines

  • Deblistering Machine BDM120
    Deblistering Machine BDM120

    Press-Out Automatic Deblistering Machine can empties tablets and capsules from reject blister packs at a rate of up to 120 blisters per minute.

  • Vial and Ampoule Feeder
    Vial and Ampoule Feeder

    Vials and ampoules blister packaging feeding systems for pharmaceutical packaging.

  • Water Chiller
    Water Chiller

    The Water Chiller is an auxiliary equipment of Blister Machine. It can protect the blister from deforming by absorb heat from forming and sealing mould.

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