Customer Enquiries

Table Top Blister Machine enquiry from UK

I am potentially interested in the bench top Jornen DPP80 Blister Packaging Machine as detailed on your website: 
I work within R&D where we develop and manufacture tablets and capsules. Currently within R&D we only have a manual blister packaging machine, which has been okay in the past for very small volumes of blisters, but this has necessitated us using automatic blister packaging machine for larger packing activities. We have been well accommodated on our production blister lines in the past but have had a few delays to projects as a result of line availability. 
The Jornen DPP80 Blister machine seems a very suitable piece of equipment for our tablet and capsule R&D activities and would address some of the issues with our current situation. 
My enquiry to you has been prompted by a tablet product that is to be packed using a Polypropylene thermoform web and Polypropylene lidding material. As part of our tablet project R&D will need to produce and pack into PP/PP blisters for a stability study. I am not an expert in blister packaging, but I understand that one of our production blister machine is to be modified to enable a more gentle heating of the PP thermoforming material. 
I note from your website that the DPP80 blister machine produces small batches of all types of blister packs, does this machine have any experience with PP/PP thermoforming and lidding? 
Please could you provide me with a quote for the DPP80 Blister Machine including the typical costs for the Teflon coated forming plates, other change parts and any other relevant information. 
I look forward to hearing from you,