Blister Machine FAQ

Defects of thermoformed blister





1.Perforation at the blister's bottom

1. The forming temperature is too high.
2. The quality of the PVP film is not good.
1. Lower the temperature of heat plate.
2. Change a thicker or high quality of PVC film

2.Non-intergrated forming

1. The forming temperature is too low.
2. Upper and lower forming moulds are not parallel.
3.Upper forming mould's  sealing ring is worn off leads to air leakage.
4.  Upper forming mould's huffing hole and  lower forming mould exhuast hole are jammed.
5. Air pressure is not correct.
6. Compressed air blow time is not correct.
7. The temperature of forming mould is too high
1. Raise the temperature of heat plate
2. Connect the upper and lower molds tightly with good seal by adjusting the ball-shape head nut.
3. Exchange the sealing ring.
4. Clean the air outlet hole by the steel needle.
5.adjust the air pressure at 0.3-0.5 Mpa
6. Adjust the position of the air blow cam.
7. Check if the Water Chiller works effective.