Capsule Filling Machines

This series of Capsule filling Machines adopts a programmable control system, touch screen panel, speed-shift and electronic automatic counter. 
Fully automatic, it can complete the actions of position, separation, filling and locking of capsules. All models are machined by advanced high precision CNC tooling machines that guarantee reliable interchangeability of different capsule models.   
It is suitable for conventional pharmaceutical products such as powder, pellets, granules, as well as for nutriceutical products such as herbs, vitamins or even special products with sticky, abrasive, fibrous or other properties. This space-saving machine provides a straightforward operation, format changeover and dosage accuracy.
Main Technical Parameters:
Model                                             CFM500                   CFM800             CFM1200
No. of die orifice:                                4                              6                      9
Max output (capsules/hour):           30000                     48000                72000
Vacuum:                                                        27 m³/h   -0.02~0.08Mpa
Capsule number:                                                       No.  00-5
Filling percentage:                                                       ≥99.9﹪
Filling difference:                                                           <±3
Idle load noise dB(A):                                                     <70
Machine power:                                                       380V 50HZ 3KW
Machine dimension:                                                800x750x1950mm
Machine weight:                                                           850KG
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