End-of-line Packaging Machines

The JH-LCP05 Case Packer is an End-of-Line Packaging Machine. It can pack cartons or batch-packed cartons into cardboard cases ready for dispatch.  All the steps, from erecting blank cardboards and filling of cases, to sealing the top and bottom flaps with adhesive tape or hot-melt adhesive (optional), are well engineered for precision performance.  It also can be connected to a packaging line with Blister Machines, Cartoners, Overwrappers or Stretch-Banding Machines.
Main Technical Parameters:
Max. Output:                                  5case/min. 
Max. Case Size:                              600×400×380mm
Min. Case Size:                               150×150×110mm
Machine Power:                               3kw  
Air Pressure:                                   0.6Mpa
Machine Dimension(L×W×H):           3200×1820×1900mm
Machine Weight:                             1500kg
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