Customer Feedback

Cartoning Machine for 10 blister cards in one carton (contain video)

A customer from Gutemala purchased two Blister Packaging Lines and one Cartoner-Stretch banding Line from us, for the Cartoner-Stretch banding Line, customer require the Cartoning Machine to stack 10 blister cards and insert then in one carton, the solution the provide is: the Cartoning Machine equipped with two blister cards magazines, the first magazine counted 5 blister cards and put them in transfer belt below, when the 5 blister cards move forward, the second magazine counted the other 5 blister cards and stack them together into 10 blister cards, the 10 blister cards move forward continues, at the last station, the blister cards turns 90 degrees by transfer belt, then a pusher device insert the blister cards into the Cartoning Machine's conveyor chain, then the Cartoning Machine automatically complete the actions of leaflet folding, inserting of blister cards and leaflets into cartons, embossing, closing of cartons, discharging of cartons. After that, the cartons move forward to Stretch-Banding Machine, it then stacks cartons to form larger units, tightly wrapped them in plastic film, at last automatically discharge the products.
The video of this solution is available at: