Customer Enquiries

Blister Packing Machine enquiry from Columbia

Dear Sir/Madam,
Our customer from Columbia in need a Blister Packaging Machine for packaging guacamole (avocado pulp) in package of 56 g (11.5 x 5.2 x 2 cm) at 100 to 150 units / min. Film width 38 cm. Include printer and automatic filling system. If your blister packing machine can do this please kindly send us the detail infromation and price.
Our customer is thinking of different displays for this product, such as semi-flexible plastic cups, semi-flexible blisters with specific shape, aluminum lid, etc. The pack shape is pretty important for the HPP process, we have not defined it yet, but we need to know what limits the equipment.
For the filling system, they are prefer that allows have not head space in the pack. With rigid film that is complicated besides the guacamole viscosity is high.
Finally, they need rigid film for the bottom and a flexible printed film on top, both with oxygen barrier. Do you have a film supplier for this films?  Please send me your contacts for film providers.
Thanks and Best regards