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We won the Innofund Award

 Recently, our Blister-Cartoning packaging line DPP260/ZH180 won the Innofund Award.
The Innovation Fund for Small Technology-based Firms (Innofund) is a special government fund set up with the approval of the State Council. As a policy guide fund, the Innofund facilitates and encourages the innovation activities of STFs and the transformation of research achievements through financing.
It strives to attract investment from the whole society to promote the establishment of a new investment mechanism conforming to the objective laws of market economy for technological innovations of STFs.
Without aiming at profit-making for its own sake, the Innofund's goal is to contribute to the national economic structure adjustment and the growth economy, taking revenue increase and job creation as the reward.
Today, the pharmaceutical packaging system must fulfill the needs of just-in-time manufacturing processes, which are determined by the market. The volume of packaging batches is decreasing and the number of product variations is increasing. This leads to frequent format changeovers.
Our Blister-Cartoning packaging line DPP260/ZH180 is an integrated system for the blister and cartoning packaging of small and medium-sized batches of solid dose products, vials and ampoules. With its truly innovative design, this line is our response to your needs: small and different batches, high flexibility and compactness, high efficiency and low operation costs.
Winning this award once again proves our marketing leadership position in the field of pharmaceutical blister and cartoning packaging.
Jornen Machinery